Bevigor Lithium Battery 1.5V



Bevigor Lithium Battery AA is a battery that can perform perfectly in extreme environments.

Capable of surpassing alkaline and NiMH batteries.

Leakproof and cold resistant from -40F to 140°F.

To ensure that your favorite equipment runs at its best for a long time.

Rely on Bevigor Lithium Battery for work, play, and home use with confidence because the 100% leak-proof design will protect your expensive equipment and your family.

🏡 Family&Life🏡

When you groom yourself with grooming gadgets (razors, nose trimmers, electric toothbrushes, grooming instruments), document beauty with a digital camera, secure your home with a security system or smart video door lock, regulate When you need to manage home devices by remote control, such as temperature and motion sensor lights, closing curtains, etc., you need this perfect performance-"affordable Lithium Battery.This is a must-have product in a smart home.


💡 Play & Outdoor💡

Do you like to go hiking, camping, fishing or hunting with friends and family during the holidays? And no matter which way you choose to spend your vacation, Bevigor Lithium Battery can bring you the most long-term power for off-road cameras, hunting guns, camping headlights, flashlights, and handheld GPS that you need when playing outdoors ; Of course, even if you have an indoor Xbox game duel with friends, Bevigor Lithium Battery can give you a long-term keen sense of control in your favorite games.

📷 Work & Research 📷

No matter your job is monitoring at a cold weather station with detection equipment all the time, or you need a variety of rainwater flow meters or high-power LED lighting for your own family farm, or you need microphones for bands performing everywhere. Bevigor Lithium Battery can help you keep the equipment you need to use at work fully charged, so that you can do your work better.

Outdoor Personal care Gaming & photography  Smart home devices
 Blink Outdoor Security Cameras, Off-Road Cameras, Hunting Guns, Camping Headband Lights, Flashlights, Weather Station Detection Equipment, Rain Flow Meters, Freezer Thermometers, Lasers for hunting scopes, etc.  razors, nose hair trimmers, adult products, electric toothbrushes, beauty instruments, etc. outdoor blink cameras, flash lights, etc.; gaming cameras, Wii and xbox controllers, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, etc. home security systems (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, window coverings, thermostats, motion sensor lights), smart door locks, wireless video doorbells, etc.


Outdoor version - 3000mAh



High-end version - 3400mAh